Ocean Tokens

The technical basics of Ocean Tokens.


Ocean Tokens are the cryptocurrency associated with Ocean Protocol. They are standards-compliant ERC-20 tokens.

Token Contract AddressSee the tutorial
Token SymbolOCEAN
Decimals of Precision18

Testnet Ocean Tokens

There are Ocean Tokens in several testnets, including the Kovan testnet and Nile testnet. They are just testnet Ocean Tokens (i.e. for testing purposes only) and they aren’t interchangeable with Mainnet Ocean Tokens. For more details, see the the page about Testnets and the tutorials.

Mainnet Ocean Tokens

NOTICE: Below we outline the plans for Mainnet Ocean Tokens at the time of writing. Those plans might change. We will update this page on a regular basis.

The initial circulating supply of Mainnet Ocean Tokens became available on the Ethereum Mainnet (not the Ocean Mainnet) in May 2019.

If you acquired Ocean Tokens in the initial circulating supply, they will be sent to the address you provided.

In the future, the Ocean Mainnet will be launched and later it will become possible to move Ocean Tokens from the Ethereum Mainnet to the Ocean Mainnet.

It won’t be possible to use Mainnet Ocean Tokens for Ocean Protocol tasks (such as consuming assets) in the Ethereum Mainnet. It will be possible to use Mainnet Ocean Tokens for Ocean Protocol tasks in the Ocean Mainnet.

Further Reading about Ocean Tokens